Victory Through Dog Power

11/4/2015 0
Here’s a fun item from my blog,, about Medford, Oregon’s destination hot dog cart: Chuck Reeder, of Medford, Oregon, is a believer in street carts. “But I’m a hot-dog cart killer.” He says eight [...]
Ozzy's LJ Restaurant

Love, in a takeout container

1/29/2015 0
A couple of days ago, when the northeast was buried under many feet of snow and ice, I was driving across southern Alabama. The sun was bright, and the Gulf of Mexico sparkled like diamonds [...]

A Tablespoon of Happiness

11/17/2012 2
“It’s the fruitcake of stew,” said the young man in a chef’s hat, stirring a gigantic pot over a propane burner. His companions from the Altamaha Technical College Culinary Arts program laughed, but they all [...]

Sleeping Policeman

4/16/2012 0
Reprinted from my travel blog, On the side of the road, up ahead, I saw a small sign on the ground that said, “Elotes.” I was wracking my brain, trying to remember what that [...]