Margaret Meps Schulte
Meps juggles something other than food

The Foodie Gazette was created by writer and foodie Margaret Schulte, known to her sailing friends as “Meps.” When she moved aboard a boat in 2003, she needed a solution to manage her large collection of recipes. There were newspaper clippings, scribbled notes from her mother (who rarely wrote quantities or instructions, just lists of ingredients to jog her memory), and recipe cards from friends, the kind that read “From the kitchen of _____.” Meps could only take three of her favorite cookbooks, leaving behind dozens of old favorites, so recipes had to be captured from them. And then there was the Word file, three hundred recipes captured from e-mail over 15 years.

Meps turned to her then-husband and technical expert, Barry Stellrecht, for a database. His recommendation was simple: Add the recipes to their blog. There were two advantages to this: Anyone using the Web could use the recipes, and when Meps is cooking with friends anywhere in the world, she has access to her entire recipe collection.

In 2006, Meps launched The Foodie Gazette as a separate site, in order to make it easier for people to search and browse the recipe and article collection.

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