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Goombay Smash

The original Goombay Smash recipe is a secret, passed down from mother to daughter at Miss Emily’s Blue Bee bar in New Plymouth (Green Turtle Cay), Bahamas. As you can see from the photograph below, you might need to have a non-alcoholic alternative on hand, such as my Virgin Goombay Smash.

Meps at the Blue Bee Bar, drinking a Goombay Smash

At the Blue Bee, they serve this from plastic 1-gallon containers (similar to milk jugs). The recipe below, which is not the original but is smooth and strong and pretty authentic, makes one quart. Multiply the recipe by 4 to make a gallon for a party.

16 oz pineapple-orange juice
6 oz rum
8 oz Malibu coconut rum
2 oz apricot brandy

Shake well, serve over lots of ice.

For Barry’s 40th birthday party, a pirate-themed costume event, we made a variation of this and called it “grog.” Instead of 16 oz pineapple-orange juice, we used 8 oz orange juice and 8 oz mango-pineapple Hawaiian punch.

For that occasion, we multiplied the recipe by 16, and served it from 4 one-gallon milk-jugs, just as they do in Miss Emily’s.

6 Responses to “Goombay Smash”

  1. The Foodie Gazette » Virgin Goombay Smash Says:

    […] The real Goombay Smash is incredibly strong. This version is for your non-drinking friends, or for those who have already had too many. […]

  2. Limericks » What rhymes with Meps? Says:

    […] But I discovered yesterday that when properly lubricated (see my recipe for the Goombay Smash), my friends can produce birthday limericks right off the cuff. Since Tina just had a birthday (4/27) and Will is about to have one (5/16), I’m gonna write some limericks about them, too. Luckily, I have just the reference…my own article, entitled “How to Write a Birthday Limerick.” […]

  3. 8oz milk jugs Says:

    […] that occasion, we multiplied the recipe by 16, and served it from 4 one-gallon milk-jugs, just … Jugs – Stainless Steel:LegendCookshop:EROLAt Legend we offer a wide variety of shapes and sizes […]

  4. paulpanzer Says:

    The proportion of coconut rum is much too high. The real drink tastes like fruit juice, not candy.

  5. goombay smash Says:

    […] secret, passed down from mother to daughter at Miss Emily??s Blue Bee bar in New Plymouth Green … Smash recipeA delicious recipe for goombay Smash, with spiced rum, Malibu&ampreg coconut […]

  6. tcbahamamama Says:

    sorry but ive met miss emily in person god rest her soul and visit the blue bee as much as possible. I know the real recipe but its not the same unless your drinking it at the blue bee. THAT is the secret ingredient!

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